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Ready for i4.0? – Remote Access for Machines
Ready for i4.0?
Remote Access for Machines
Remote access for wire processing machines
In the age of IoT, the networking of sensors, machines and factories opens new possibilities not only for data analysis, but also for customer support. In order to be able to offer customers even better support, suppliers want to set up an integrated remote maintenance system for the system solutions they offer. Although many customers have so far refrained from remote maintenance for reasons of data protection, demand is rising steadily.


Possible solutions for the following questions should be developed and presented in this challenge:


  • Which plant data could be relevant and how could they be used to give both the customer and the machine builder an advantage over their competitors? (Data Science)
  • How can such a system be used profitably both for the customer and for the machine supplier? What are the (measurable) key indicators for success? (Business Model)
  • – Which business models could be realized in the future, if the machine builder would have the user data of the plants available? (Business Model)
  • What incentives can be created so that acceptance of the system exceeds customer scepticism about data protection?


At present, remote access solutions are already being used by customers Customers who have knowledge about the advantages of these systems (e.g. immediate support at the plant, updates and training via remote access, etc.) do not want to do without them in the future. We want to supplement and further develop our own remote access solutions. It would also be conceivable to convert the collected data into a financial advantage for both parties. If no solution is found that would persuade the customer to use the system offered by the supplier, he will be forced to evaluate his own system in the longer term. This in turn would mean that the machine supplier would have to support the solutions of several customers. This would be a significant additional expense.
The ability to connect directly to the machine from the office desk enables the customer to receive immediate and efficient support. In addition, a supplier can do without cost-intensive travel.
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