By Komax

Plan meets Reality

Matching production planning to real IoT data infrastructure


Production of cabling harnesses for the automotive and other industries is a complex process requiring planning of material, machines and operators. What is planned seldom matches reality. Defective materials, misconfigured machines and operator errors always play havoc on the best aligned plans.

We want to investigate how to match the plan made by a Manufacturing Execution System to the reality as reported by a mesh of Internet of Things data from the machines, using their interfaces to connect.



Our partner SAP is the market leader in Enterprise Resource Management software. Komax is market leader in Harness manufacturing systems. Our IoT platform provides information about what finally comes out of a wire production line.


What is it all about? Showing how easy it is to interconnect existing systems to have a real time view of what is being produced will improve the visibility of the status of the production line, thus reducing emergency situations and increasing the reliability the system.

CHALLENGE-PROVIDER: Komax – leading the field now and in the future

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Komax is a globally active Swiss company with development and production facilities on several continents. Komax uses its extensive distribution and service network, which includes local companies and their employees, to support customers across the world on site, thus ensuring the availability and value of their investments after equipment commissioning through standardized service processes. More information: www.komaxgroup.com/en/


Miguel Rodriguez